Rabble Mill creates more skilled, supported, connected communities through education, outreach, and storytelling across subcultures - skate, art, music. Hear Nebraska + The Bay + Skate for Change.

Rabble Mill

We create more skilled, supported, connected communities

through education, outreach and storytelling across subcultures –


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We create more skilled, supported, connected communities through education, outreach, and storytelling across subcultures — skateboarding, music, and art.


Who we are.


Rabble Mill is a 501c3 nonprofit formed in 2018 through the merger of The Bay and Hear Nebraska. After years of collaboration between the two fast-growing organizations both dedicated to serving underdogs since 2010 (at-risk youth and families for The Bay; working musicians for Hear Nebraska), the merger created a true 1+1=3 formula, positioning Rabble Mill to have greater impact on its communities — in Nebraska and around the world — through its program divisions, The Bay, Hear Nebraska and Skate for Change. Rabble Mill is headquartered at The Bay, 2005 Y Street, with its Omaha office at 725 N. 14th Street.




Technology gaps lead to opportunity gaps, in which generational poverty thrives. The Bay’s new digital media and multidisciplinary art, The Collective, aims to close our community’s technology gap through skills creation. By pairing experts-in-residence with a contemporary computer lab and flexible exhibition space, we showcase world-class arts and technology talent, jobs and skills, while transferring passion and expertise to youth. The Collective headquarters our for-youth-by-youth culture magazine, Rabble, distributed statewide to NE high schools and libraries.



We’re using skateboarding to impact communities — in Nebraska, and across the globe. In Lincoln, The Bay features the region’s largest indoor, public skate park — designed by skaters, for skaters — where we offer youth skate school, Girls Skate Night and exciting competitions across skill levels. Our program Skate for Change (SfC) empowers youth to use their skateboards to give back to their communities, often by conducting drives for, and distributing, necessities to people experiencing homelessness. SfC operates 100+ chapters worldwide, from Brazil to Bosnia, Japan to Tanzania.



Backed by Hear Nebraska’s 7 years of programming experience, The Bay’s all-ages music venue provides underserved populations with a platform to perform, learn and be inspired. Our marquee events, the Good Living Tour and Skate Art Music Fest, showcase the state and country’s top, emerging artists and culture creators, while strengthening its future arts industry.



Our outreach starts with our core program, the All-Access Pass. Through scholarships distributed through public schools to 150 low-income and at-risk youth, pass holders receive unlimited access to our community spaces (skatepark, concert venue, Collective and Café)— and their respective programming — as well as meals and mentoring. They develop skills, gain industry experience and receive innovative, preventative family support created around assessing and building upon individual and family strengths. We also host three monthly food banks, and provide an emergency pantry.


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